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Roy Miller – Until Food is Gone Event

Roy miller

Roy Miller was one of the celebrities participating in an event named “Until Food is Gone” at Abess Park Elementary School (Jacksonville). The event was held by FarmShare to ensure that no food is wasted in the community. It was a drive through the event and invited a lot of attention in Jacksonville.

Roy Miller football camp a Success

ICYMI: Last week, @Roy_Miller_III and several other former NFL athletes returned to Killeen last weekend to give back to their Central Texas community in the hopes of raising up a new generation of stars. pic.twitter.com/JqgRn5347j — Jack Allen (@JackAllenKXXV) June 19, 2021

Happy Fathers Day


Fathers day is a very special day to recognize an idea we don’t hear too often: fathers are extremely important. Typing that sentence feels stupid because who wouldn’t think a father is important right? Wrong. When we examine the benefits of having a father in home, society tries to downplay the significance of a fathers …