FF: 1
TCKL: 250
SCK: 8.0


Personal Life Details of Roy Miller

Roy Miller!

Roy Miller is half African American, half Samoan, and completely practices Christianity. One of Roy Miller’s unknown traits is his fondness for children. Some examples to highlight this nature include incidents at the University of Texas, where he hosted 150 middle school students at Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletic Center, and his regular speeches at the middle schools as well as high schools of Killeen.  Also, it would amaze many people to know that he is the president of an NGO named, “The Accumulative Advantage Foundation” which intends to help young minds realize the small opportunities that can lead to bigger opportunities. He also visits the Joshua House (an organization for foster kids) in Tampa Bay and annually participates in the Children’s Cancer Center Christmas Party along with several Glazer family foundation events. In his personal front, Roy Miller is engaged to Dr. Rakiya Faulkner and plans to get married after 2022.