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Rakiya & Roy Miller Food Drive A Success


Roy Miller and wife the beautiful Rakiya Miller put on an event with the Roy Miller Family Foundation and Farm share, the event was a success with celebrity guests and NFL players joined the cause to give back to the community!

From Facebook:

“Thankful to all who helped make this happen, not a more genuine feeling then to help someone in a specific time of need. Many people sacrificed their time, I hope you know what a blessing you are. Households 872 and we were to deliver to over 100 seniors that had no transportation”

More From Farmshare.org:

“Farm Share was established in 1991 as a means to eliminate food waste. Since its inception, we have grown to accommodate a growing hunger. Many large groups collect food donations from the public and charge a per-pound “shared maintenance fee” to your local church, soup kitchen, etc. for this food. These fees add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. If the agency cannot afford the shared maintenance fees, they do not get the food. Smaller grass-root agencies that cannot afford the shared maintenance fees get left out in the cold. Farm Share gives food to our recipient agencies without fees of any kind.”