FF: 1
TCKL: 250
SCK: 8.0


Roy Miller III visited his hometown killeen Texas


On Wednesday April 3rd, Roy Miller III visited his hometown killeen Texas to do some work for his foundation The Accumulative Advantage Foundation. Miller and his foundation hosts a quarterly bbq meeting to discuss the Camp and combine he hosts in Killeen which is going into its 10th year. While in town Miller donated $1,000 dollars to the Kids University facilities putting his stamp of support to it’s after school program. “When i was in Killeen there wasn’t much us kids could do so many kids of us got into trouble or sports. I would like to provide an opportunity to others like football provides for me. I have been busy playing football for the last 13 years of my life, at this point it is all about the next generation.” Miller plans to make donations in the near future to his community.