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Happy Fathers Day


Fathers day is a very special day to recognize an idea we don’t hear too often: fathers are extremely important. Typing that sentence feels stupid because who wouldn’t think a father is important right? Wrong. When we examine the benefits of having a father in home, society tries to downplay the significance of a fathers presence. Growing up around men raised by both parents and equally single parent homes (by mothers) I grew up thinking the guys raised in single parent households shared equal opportunities. I honestly felt like it was the status quo for guys not to ave two parent households.

I always appreciated having a father around. I was raised in a unique situation where my father served overseas for our country quite a bit, so my mother filled many roles at times. Having dad home just brought a different energy around the house, it made us feel safer, it brought a different type of order. Having a father at home made me feel rounded.

Today I want to say a special thank you to my father and all the men around the world who desire to be their for their kids, I stand with you and am so proud to have many of these men and friends and family.

Happy Fathers Day!