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TCKL: 250
SCK: 8.0


Happiness is a place in the heart


The Lord has blessed me in this specific moment in my life as I’m reminded that happy is not a destination.

I stood on this balcony and what I though was the epitome of my life. Some bad ass suite in Vegas riding around in a limo and yet I felt nothing peering off into the sunrise.

Happiness is a place in the heart

We save money work tirelessly to experience this feeling of being someone important or being financial stable but happy cannot be bought It has definitely been a struggle for me as I transitioned away from the game that i loved so much and into life. I often thought how do people find true happiness?

There is no “ah ha” moment there are blessings everywhere around us no matter where we think we are. When I embrace them and think about them often i feel better; present. We cannot keep living in the future I believe when we are faithful with the little everything is a blessing.