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RNM Ventures
RNM Ventures
November 2016 – Present 2 years 3 months
Accumulative Advantage Foundation
President & Co-Founder
Accumulative Advantage Foundation
January 2014 – Present 5 years 1 month

Our Goal:

To offer life changing opportunities at no cost to military dependents, at risk youth, and children in poverty stricken communities.

Furthermore we want to celebrate our soldiers who have committed their lives to serving others. We have strong ties to the NFL community with multiple NFL players on our advisory board having veteran experience in the league.

As my father deployed to Iraq, I shared similar experiences: going to school hoping not to get called down to the counselors office as several class-mates of mine were, to be notified their father paid the ultimate sacrifice.

We look for any way to be mentors to these children as they deal with many other issues associated with military life. Children relocate often and are forced to create new identities wherever they move. Trying to fit in is essential to adolescent well-being and can be a leading contributor to many troubles associated with our youth. With many of our soldiers living below the poverty line, it is essential that we offer free experiences to their families.

We look for any opportunity to give back.

To make a donation or booking please email us at [email protected]
Ignite Prints
Ignite Prints
January 2017 – November 2018 1 year 11 months
Jacksonville, Florida

Provides printing, shipping, and storing for fundraisers and storefronts to non-profits, schools, and unique clients.
Jacksonville Jaguars
Nose Tackle
Jacksonville Jaguars
April 2013 – April 2017 4 years 1 month

Tore my labrum in 2013 battled through it for 11 games. Excited for a healthy year in 2014. Blessed to have another chance and to be with the Jaguars.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tilt Nose Tackle
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
April 2009 – April 2013 4 years 1 month
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

The goal was to embody one of the greatest sports franchises, in the world, on and off the field. By immersing myself into the organization, I gained a ton of experience: working with local and national media markets, micro-managing small groups, working/coordinating events with non-profit organizations, leading/mentoring team members, mediating between management and players, structuring/developing mediums of communiction for a positive work environment, assessing various contracts through market research/evaluation, community relations, voluntarily to promote the future of our image we entitled “The Sheild” (the NFL brand). I was able to feed my desperate need for competition, while at the same time, learning to have enough humility to microscopicly self evaluate my weaknesses daily. I worked in a environment of constant stress, clear cut deadlines, all while being heavily scrutinized by the national eye.
Lincoln Property Company
Lincoln Property Company
June 2006 – December 2008 2 years 7 months
austin, texas area

An annual summer job, for three years, where I participated in various projects and learned business and commercial real estate strategies used by Lincoln Property Company “one of the most respected and diversified service firms in the United States. employing thousands of experienced, dedicated people who serve a growing client base that reaches coast-to-coast, as well as into Mexico and Europe.” -LPC